Entrance Area Leiden Bio Science Park

The formation of a community of students, residents, and businesses on the campus is a crucial component of this project. This ambition arises from the master plan of the university and the municipality for the further development of the Leiden Bio Science Park. This community is established by adding collective spaces, both indoors and outdoors. A wide range of functions that can be of value to students, residents, and businesses are incorporated. The design aligns with the principles of the Dutch landscape with long sightlines, abundant greenery, water features, and native trees and plants. This is in line with the goal of enhancing biodiversity at the Bio Science Park.

In 2023, Yisheng Development has developed and delivered  the first phase Entrance Area Leiden Bio Science Park. This phase comprises two buildings with a total of 703 student residences. Both buildings offer vibrant communal spaces and various amenities, including lounges, a game area, laundry facilities, study rooms, TED talks, luxurious communal dining rooms, and rooftop gardens on the third floor. Student housing provider Student Experience is the operator.